About us

We are largest manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Acrylic Grinders, Acrylic Waterpipes, Ashtrays, Brushes & Pipe Cleaners, Ceramic Waterpipes & Pipes, Color Glass Reversible, Color Glass Waterpipes & Pipes, Dug-Outs & Accessories, Extractors, Collectors, Grater, Glass Heads & Sliders, Glass Percolaters, Glass Waterpipes, Handicrafts, Liquid Coolers, Metal Acrylic Regular Pipes, Metal Grinders, Percolators, Screens, Shisha Hookah & Accessories, Snorters, Spareparts, Stealth Pipes, Vaporizers, Wooden Grinders, Wooden Soap Stone Clay Pipes etc. we have our own manufacturing unit, R & D dept to develop new lines and ongoing improvement in quality, a very stringent quality control dept, automated imported machines for speedy and accurate production and a well equipped large infrastructure.